Right from menarche to menopause and beyond, every phase of a woman’s life comes with unique challenges. The department of Gynecology caters to every such challenge to ensure that a woman has a healthy and happy life.


Pregnancy and childbirth is the beautiful journey of bringing God’s gift into this world. A healthy baby makes a happy family. we at akshaya make this journey as natural and comfortable as possible. we provide the best care to the expecting mother and ensure that you return home wholesome with your bundle of joy.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Minimal scars, minimal pain and minimal hospital stay are the hallmarks of laparoscopic surgeries, also known as minimally invasive surgeries. In this era of fast paced life, where people do not have much time to spare, laparoscopy offers the perfect solution. almost all gynecologic diseases are being tackled through laparoscopy.

Fertility Services

It is the dream of every couple to become parents. but sometimes despite time and best efforts, nature doesn’t take its course. our fertility department steps in here, guides a couple through the beautiful journey of parenthood right from conception, pregnancy, delivery, postnatal care and beyond. we do this with our precise knowledge, acquired over years of experience, the latest technology and needful guidance.


From your baby’s first cry, till they leave the nest, every cry, every breath and every milestone is a celebration. This journey though beautiful may come with challenges and worries, laden with doubts. We are here to hold your hands through every little ailment. your precious ones are safe with our team.


Neonatology Is A Specialized Branch Of Medicine That Focuses On The Medical Care And Treatment Of Newborn Infants, Particularly Those Who Are Premature, Critically Ill, Or Have Other Medical Complications.